post-show afterglow / 11 february 2002 / 12:10 pm

people want to talk but the only thing i want to do is pack up our stuff and get it out of the way and then get outside away from all the people. i don't like talking to people right after we play. except for the bandmates. we went outside because it was hot in the monkeytown underground and smelled each other's armpits.
watching the next band start their set, that keyboard player, emily, reading some words while the guitars kept time and then the explosion of drums and the drummer was standing and jumping as he played. two of the guys i had met previously and one was screaming. i didn't expect it from them.
after the chalk dust had settled, there was suddenly a bond between people that i had heard of and seen around. we discovered that we were related somehow, not as family but as people with energy and motivation and passion to do something to make our town and our lives a little more tolerable and a little more important. and phrases like "celebration of youthfulness" and "possibility of change" creeped into me, rattled around inside, and made me smile.